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C'est moi

Hello! Welcome to my site. Jess is the name, fulfillment the game. Here's some speedy Jess facts so you know who runs the place:

  • I am an Aussie, an attorney and a huge fan of Disney history, film and animation.

  • If I could dress like Marie Antoinette daily, I would.

  • Elvis occupies the most time on my record player.

  • My happy place is being in the second-to-none company of my family, fiancé and fur son.

I also welcome and encourage advanced review/reader copies (ARCs) of books. I would be delighted to provide an honest review of your book to share on all my social media sites, including right here under 'Book Reviews.' Please do not hesitate to email me at jlsalafia@gmail.com for mailing instructions.

This site is hopefully just a fun, nostalgic, fairytale place. Thanks for being here! Grab a cuppa and let's hang out.

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